Environmental Health Specialist


Application Instructions

Prior to completing a application, review the coursework requirements for Options I-IV.

An evaluation of your education for acceptance as an EHS trainee will be performed upon submission of a completed online application with a nonrefundable fee of $245.25 and official sealed college transcripts sent to:

CPS HR Consulting
Attn: EHS Transcript Evaluation
2450 Del Paso Road, Suite 160
Sacramento, CA 95834

If you have a change to your mailing address, email address, phone number, or name change, please contact our office. You may contact CPS HR Consulting to update your information through any of the following methods.

Evaluation by CPS HR Consulting

This evaluation will determine if you have met any of the specific course requirements listed under California Health and Safety Code Section 106635 and will include any additional course work required.

The evaluation letter will be mailed to you approximately four-six weeks after the receipt of your application and all applicable official college transcripts. You must submit the required application and fee for registration with CDPH (see below) before your evaluation can be completed. A copy of your final evaluation will automatically be sent to the CDPH REHS office.

Letter of Eligibility

To receive a Letter of Eligibility to work as an EHS trainee from the CDPH, you must meet the minimum educational requirements as determined by CPS HR Consulting and register for the REHS Program by submitting an application and application fee to the CDPH REHS office. You must submit this application and fee to CDPH before your transcript evaluation can be finalized.

Please visit the CDPH’s website to download the application:

The application for registration with the CDPH may be submitted to their office at the same time you apply for a transcript evaluation with CPS HR; the results of your evaluation will not be finalized until they have received the application and fee.

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