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Which agency provides the transcript evaluation service for the California Department of Public Health – REHS Program?


CPS HR Consulting is the contractor that CDPH has chosen to provide transcript evaluation services (universities and colleges in the United States) for Environmental Health Specialist (EHS) trainee, Options I-IV.

I have completed my degree and/or courses outside of the United States. What is the process to have my transcripts evaluated?


If you have completed your degree and/or applicable math and science courses outside of the United States, click here.

If you have received your bachelor’s degree from a college or university outside the United States, you will need your transcripts evaluated by one of the foreign transcript services. These services operate for a fee based on the extent of education evaluated. Request a “course by course” evaluation and forward it to the EHS Registration Program (CA Department of Public Health). The evaluation must state that your degree is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree offered by a United States college or university and list each course completed with semester unit equivalency and all laboratory sections including general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, biology, microbiology, and calculus or college algebra.

How do I apply for the transcript evaluation?


To apply for the transcript evaluation and pay by credit card, click here. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

What is considered an “official” transcript?


CPS HR considers college transcripts official sealed in its original envelope. Previously opened transcripts are considered unofficial and will not be reviewed for the evaluation.

To what address should I send my official transcripts?


Send official transcripts to CPS HR Consulting, Attn: EHS Transcript Evaluation, 2450 Del Paso Road, Suite 160, Sacramento, CA 95834. Colleges may send official transcripts directly to our office.

Can I send my official transcripts by email?


Official transcripts may be received directly from the institution to ehsmailbox@cpshr.us.

Am I required to send all my official transcripts?


You must send any official college transcripts with applicable science and/or math courses that would qualify you for the program and transcripts where you completed a bachelor’s degree or higher.

I have taken math and sciences courses at other colleges. Can the courses be evaluated based on transfer credit?


No, we must have the official transcript to evaluate the courses. Most colleges do not list the specific courses that are accepted as transfer credit.

What is the turnaround time for the transcript evaluation?


It is our goal to complete the evaluation approximately four to six weeks from the date the last documentation required for evaluation were received.

Is this transcript evaluation only valid for the job that I am applying for?


The transcript evaluation letter is valid for any EHS trainee position that you apply for in the State of California.

How long will my evaluation remain valid?


The evaluation letter is kept on file for as long as CPS HR Consulting is contracted to administer this program.

The REHS Program application at CDPH is active for 30 months. After that time, CDPH will request a response from you verifying you are still interested in registration as an Environmental Health Specialist. If CDPH does not receive a response to their inquiry, your file will be destroyed and you will need to reapply.

If I have not yet graduated with my bachelor’s degree, can I qualify?


The minimum qualification for an EHS trainee position is a bachelor’s degree and 30 semester units of science coursework.

Will you evaluate my transcripts without my bachelor's degree posted?


Yes, we can provide a transcript evaluation without the bachelor’s degree posted. Once your bachelor’s degree has been posted, you must send us an updated transcript to our office. An updated letter will be produced and will be forwarded to CDPH.

If I have not taken a class from the list of requirements, can I still qualify?


You may still qualify to be hired as an EHS trainee if you meet the minimum educational requirements of a bachelor’s degree and 30 semester units of science coursework. The evaluation letter will state any missing courses required to complete the Option you fall under.

As long as you have the eligibility letter to be hired as an EHS trainee, many counties will still hire you, but you must complete any missing coursework and complete the required experience and training hours before you can qualify to take the Registered Environmental Specialist exam. Ask the county that you are applying with if this is acceptable.

Are there any substitutions for the required courses?


There are no substitutions for the required courses. The courses required are a statute set by the State of California and are not flexible.

Do I have to complete 30 semester units of science in addition to the required courses, or have 30 units of science overall?


You need a minimum of 30 semester units of science which includes the required courses.

I am required to complete the remaining courses listed on my evaluation. What is the process to submit courses completed after my initial evaluation?


Please send an official transcript to our office with the remaining courses completed. Once we receive the transcript, we will send you and CDPH an updated letter stating what additional requirements you have met.

Am I required to complete my remaining courses at a university?


No. You may take the courses at a community college as long as it is an accredited institution of postsecondary education.

If I am a unit short can I still qualify?


There is no flexibility with the minimum requirements of the REHS Program.

I have worked in the field for several years; will this count instead of some of the education requirements?


Work experience cannot be substituted for the educational requirements of the program. We suggest contacting CDPH to inquire if your work experience can be reviewed and can count towards the hours of experience required before you take the exam.

I have not had any experience or training in the field, do I have to complete these hours before I qualify?


To qualify as an EHS trainee, you must meet the educational requirements of the program. Once you are hired as an EHS trainee, you can start accruing your experience and training hours from the position you obtain.

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