CA Notary Exam

Security Procedures

The following security procedures will apply during the examination:

  • No questions regarding test items will be answered by the proctors. All necessary instructions are given by the proctor and are also in the test booklet. You will not be permitted to talk nor communicate with anyone other than the proctor, nor may you use books, notes, or other aids.
  • Once you have been seated and the examination begins, you may leave the test center ONLY to use the restroom (limited to one candidate at a time) and only after obtaining permission from the Chief Proctor. However, you will not receive additional time to complete the examination.
  • No children are permitted into the testing site.
  • Any candidate seen giving or receiving assistance, found with unauthorized materials, or who violates any security regulations will be asked to turn in all examination materials and to leave the test center. All such instances will be reported to the Secretary of State's office, Notary Public Section.
  • Copying or communication of the test content is a violation of security regulations and will result in the disqualification of exam results and legal action under Federal copyright laws.
  • No smoking, eating, or drinking is allowed in the testing center.


CPS HR Consulting is the only organization contracted with the California Secretary of State to administer the Notary exam on behalf of the State of California.

If you are looking for education providers to prepare for the notary exam please click on the approved vendor list. If you have any questions regarding registering or taking the exam, please contact us. For questions regarding obtaining a notary commission, please contact the California Secretary of State.

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